HERE Technologies

AI, Machine learning and self-driving cars

Recently, while working with high definition maps (HD Maps) and HAD Highly autonomous driving) concepts, noticed new approaches are emergingĀ in our design, discovery, prototyping activities.

Designing experiences for AI and Robots will require


Automotive Innovation

Automotive innovation pace is escalating. Car OEMs are finding the new competitive space as the new greenfield for service innovation, personalisation and context-relevant content consumption. Google, Tesla, Uber and other giants are racing and setting the pace and

Gate5 GmbH: Location Services

Gate5 GmbH, Location and Commerce unit which Noka acquired, was incubating new services in the intersection of mobile location. I established the Service Design team, which was based in Helsinki. The approach of mobile coupons was gaining some traction, and …

Services Innovation

After moving to Finland from Spain, I managed Unified Communications products for Nokia Networks.

With the emergence of MMS, and Nokia putting a camera on every pocket, who had becomeĀ the largest camera manufacturer in the world. We had to …