Automotive Innovation

Automotive innovation pace is escalating. Car OEMs are finding the new competitive space as the new greenfield for service innovation, personalisation and context-relevant content consumption. Google, Tesla, Uber and other giants are racing and setting the pace and keeping consumer expectations high.

While working for HERE Maps, we developed a point of view for HMI and Dashboard evolution in upcoming years.

  • Responsible for ramping-­up Connected Car HMI design unit at HERE and Cloud Service design.
  • Establishing agile development methodologies with development team, concept and prototyping development activities.
  • First Infotainment product for Navigation in-vehicle infotainment and mobile companion application (Jaguar XJ).

Mobile and web companion apps extend and augment the product experience beyond the  car interior. A key differentiator is to bring your car’s brand to your pocket exposing services and personalised offering based on driving behaviour, supported by preferences either explicit or implicitly set.

Autonomous driving will open up new services opportunities. Designing services to be experienced in many contexts will be challenging but very interesting, for example, Smart-cities and IoT opens the door to Vehicle-to-vehicle/Infrastructure communication. These new services, not only will make more efficient use of the existing infrastructure, but also would allow us to do more with the limited time we have in hectic busy lives. Convenience is the magic that will fuel adoption.