About Us

We bring professional Advisory services and Consulting for Product Design, Engineering, Prototyping and Innovation Workshops.

  • Our Customers vary in different sectors, from Automotive manufacturers and mobility service providers, IoT/Industry 4.0 participants.

Our Services:

  • Leading organizational transformation projects, gearing up Client organizations to be Customer centric and bringing Design Excellence to current products and services.
  • Ramping-up competence in Business-Design-Thinking, establishing product design and development capability assessments and action plans required to support Digital Transformation programs and initiatives.
  • Consulting and product development services to leverage blockchain and distributed ledger technology applied to industrial products and services, IoT/Smart-cities infrastructure and renewable energy solutions.

Enrique Gallar (MD), a design and engineering professional with more than 20 years of experience in different fields, from Consumer Electronics, Services and e-commerce, FinTec and Energy, provides these services in collaboration with leading Design and Development Global companies.