Services Innovation


After moving to Finland from Spain, I managed Unified Communications products for Nokia Networks.

With the emergence of MMS, and Nokia putting a camera on every pocket, who had become the largest camera manufacturer in the world. We had to come up with novel concepts and solutions to gather, capture, relive and make personal these communication experiences.

The business was largely controlled by Carriers, that is, the terminal was an pure extension of the service provider. The main obstacle for adoption of new revenue generating services was the pace of (slow) innovation imposed by Carriers and the pressure to deliver subsidised mobile terminals with the customisations and branding  that would allow them differentiate in the market.

At that time, and after the collapse of many internet business in the bubble in early 00’s and the rise and emergence of companies such as Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google put an increasing pressure on Carriers. This pressure gave birth to Mobile Internet era, and mobile platforms such as Symbian Series 60.

We created services in Nokia, some times with acquisitions for example for LifeBlogging, Twango Connected Photo gallery, and few services emerged externally such as Flickr.

I supported and contributed to few internal innovation and incubation projects, for example, an xmpp-based microblogging service (Note) at a time when Twitter had barely 100k users.