Gate5 GmbH: Location Services


Gate5 GmbH, Location and Commerce unit which Noka acquired, was incubating new services in the intersection of mobile location. I established the Service Design team, which was based in Helsinki. The approach of mobile coupons was gaining some traction, and companies such as Grupon were growing rather fast.

Launched experimental loyalty and rewards mobile service for Location-aware offers, employing location as key enabler for ad publishing and CPA model. Perks (name of the service) was a service that allow redemption on point of sales via location confirmation at point of transaction.

• Creative direction, leading a team of visual and interaction designers to accomplish local commerce business goals, including a B2B merchant acquisition and service design.

• Responsible for user experience for location-based offers and deals across all customer touch points (in-store, mobile; iOS, WP7, Qt/Symbian, JavaME and Web browsers).

• Development and implementation of a framework to identify and track service metrics that lead new design iterations based on data and analytics.

At this time, Groupon was growing strong, and we pitched further integration with their service. There were many learnings from these days, one of them was Mobile first. We take for granted this, but back then was far from common. Most of the services now have adopted this approach.