Forward Design

Creative direction on three Concept design projects in mobile phones focusing on the evolution of Asha product line as well as tablet opportunity in emerging markets.

Evo bringing Asha line to full touch interaction in a compact and competitive format for entry smartphone segment.

Neo done in collaboration with our industrial designers aimed at sub 20$ market, 2-2.4’’ QVGA non-touch interaction product, prototyped hybrid screen and gesture touch pads on top of keypad.

Halti, a 7’’ tablet experience aimed at sub 200$ tablet market.

Later on N1 reused much of the learnings from this predecessor, which switched from Qt/Meego to Android (as originally planned as option).

Responsibilities were:

  • Creative direction for cloud services (backup and restore, personal storage and low cost sharing) and multi-SIM for emerging markets. Direction for Voice interaction on Evo (Nuance engine).
  • Leading a team of interaction and visual designers and develop team towards agile design and prototyping practices.
  • Managing collaboration of teams working in multiple locations and timezones. Administering and managing budgets, including subcontractor design agencies and freelancers.