Track and Trace, Transparently

Case study According to the 2019 OECD Study Global Trade in Fakes : a Worring Threat the volume of international trade in counterfeit and pirated products amounted to as much as USD 464 billion in that year, or 2.5% of world trade. The Sneaker market is at the top of the Fashion segment, followed by…

Digitalizing Skincare

Context We started Kozhya with a purpose to improve Skincare and expand a large product portfolio quickly, personalizing user experience and enabling well-proven AI classification and data driven optimization to assist large and niche cosmetic brands reach their customers with higher value proposition. Globally, over 1.9 billion people suffer from skin conditions from severe concern…

Immersive driving with Mercedes EQ

Led collaboration with Daimler, introducing new use cases for immersive maps which enhanced both companies’ press coverage and reputation in electrical vehicle space. Invented a new cinematic destination preview  to be used in autonomous vehicles and large touch screens relevant in upcoming products.

Driving growth in emerging markets

Led the design development for three new products evolving Asha product line as well as a new tablet and launched the products in emerging markets, resulting in over several million units sold worldwide.