Mercedes EQ

Immersion </> driving

In recent collaboration work between HERE and Daimler, we explored innovative use cases, where location data could go beyond utility, and assist with contextual and immersive experiences.

The result of the collaboration was visible on the Mercedes EQ HMI.


Our approach is integral and holistic HMI design in autonomous vehicles. We believe innovation and high-performance computing as part of the cabin interior will secure the position of leading car manufacturers.

Today we see new entrants such as Tesla challenging established manufacturers, but the approaches to product design (including software and interfaces), software releasing and product go-to-market differ greatly. 

We incorporate digital and physical integration, augmented by excellent ergonomics and extremely precise and accurate aimed audio. This results in the perfect combination – enabling unprecedented user experience not available in home, office, retail or mobile contexts. Add artificial intelligence into the mix, and the results reveal what the next computing age will look like. 

The future of the automotive cabin exposes new opportunities for human to machine and human to human interaction supported by AI and machine learning.  The vehicle interior environment itself presents these key differences:

  • A unique contrast ratio on screens, especially at night.
  • Unlimited processing power (although OEM procurement will make sure costs are capped through limited CPU/GPU/Memory/Disk Budgets).
  • Practically unlimited energy source. EVs are likely to become cities portable batteries.
  • Sensors, a wide variety of sensors enhance situational awareness.
  • Laser beamed audio, 360 surround control, and speaker-independent voice recognition.
  • Personalisation by use of biometric signatures (this is now emerging on mobile devices)

Close relatives to an autonomous cabin environment is a cinema theater like experience rather than VR headsets.

It’s also a perfect opportunity to re-think the role of the interior space with disappearing interfaces and a context for human interaction supported by computing from a family conversation, a virtual meeting with colleagues or just for consuming media.

Contrast with Tesla 3’s interior and you will notice a very different approach to ergonomics. Which car would you trust to drive in autopilot around?


Car makers are racing to conquer this new computing environment and seize opportunities to develop personalised services and better experience. Now, is not any more about the driving experience, but instead a multi-sensorial Brand Experience.

Don’t get left behind !